Monitoring and Controlling the Project

by Joseph_Phillips on February 19, 2013

Wouldn’t it be great if you and your project team could just create the project management plan, and then the project team would just go do the project work? You could spend your mornings sleeping in and your afternoons on the golf course. Of course if that were the case there’d be no reasons to have a project manager. Projects, like most things in life, require a constant monitoring and controlling.

Monitoring and controlling is part of the iterations of project management. It’s a process group that mirrors the execution of the project plan and escorts the project back into the planning process group as needed. Monitoring and controlling is work to ensure that the project team is creating the project deliverables as the project scope calls. It’s work to ensure that the project is financially on track, and it’s work to ensure that the project is hitting its deadlines. Hey – it’s just plain old work.

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