Managing Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

by Joseph_Phillips on March 12, 2013

Changes can happen often in a project, but who pays for the changes to the project scope? The person that’s responsible for the change – usually. Nice escape hatch, there. If it’s a value-added change then the person that’s adding the value, the change requestor, pays. If it’s an external event that may cause additional time or cost then it’s negotiation as to which party bears the brunt of the change’s impact. And if it’s errors and omissions, the guilty party almost always pays in one form or another.

The process of requesting a project scope change is documented in the project management plan’s scope management plan. Within the plan it defines how the project scope is allowed to be changed and what the procedure to make a change request is. The usual process begins with a written change request form that identifies the change requestor, the purpose of the change request, and the areas of the project that the change request will impact. The change request, depending on the organizational procedures, will be evaluated, weighed, and approved or declined based on the ramifications the change request will cause.

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