Correcting Scope Creep

by Joseph_Phillips on March 19, 2013

Scope creep is project poison. It’s the tiny, undocumented and unwarranted changes to the project scope that eat up resources, time, and project monies. Scope creep happens when the project team members are adding to the project scope at their own judgment. A perfect example of scope creep happens when the project team is approached by the project customer and the customer asks the project team members directly to make a change.

The project customer is contributing to the project’s failure! They project customer is circumventing the established change control processes. They’re taking away resources, time, and monies from doing the things that are already in the project scope. The project customer and the project team both must agree to follow the established procedures to request a project scope change request.

The project manager must communicate the correct procedure for asking for change requests with the project team and the project customers before the project works begins. The project team needs to defer all requested change requests to the change management system – where the requestor can complete a change request form to enter the system properly. The project manager and the project customer must agree that change requests will always follow the change control system, or havoc will ensue.

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