Joseph Phillips can consult with you.

Joseph Phillips

Joseph Phillips, PMP. Project+, CTT+

Consulting leverages what others know to help you and your organization achieve more, see problems and opportunities, and create solutions quickly. Joseph Phillips has consulted with IT integrators, hospitals, engineering firms, and more. He has more than 15 years working as a project management consultant and he knows how to bridge differences, create synergy among your project managers and teams, and as an author and educator he’s an expert communicator.

If your organization wants projects to be more successful, your people to be more efficient, and your successes to be repeatable you should speak with Joseph on how he can help. Phillips has helped organizations:

  • Save millions of dollars in effort, labor, and non-value added work
  • Create a standardized approach to project management
  • Identify metrics for process improvements
  • Build project management offices
  • Coach new and seasoned project managers
  • Produce forms, templates, processes, and effective meetings
  • Lead complex projects
  • Identify functional and nonfunctional requirements

Contact Joseph Phillips to explore the possibilities of bringing him to your organization.