Managing Project Communications

by Joseph_Phillips on January 22, 2013

Managing project communication is about answering three simple questions: Who gets what information? When is the information needed? What modality is the information expected? Simple, huh? Of course, it’s not. Project communications is tricky business. You, the project manager, are at the center of the communication demands from stakeholders, the project team, vendors, management, and […]

Working With Virtual Teams

by Joseph_Phillips on January 15, 2013

For some project managers a virtual team means that the team “virtually works.” For the rest of us, it means that the project team is remote rather than located locally. Regardless of the team’s locale, the project manager can attempt to facilitate team development. Team development is a natural process that project teams cycle through […]

Acquiring and Developing the Project Team

by Joseph_Phillips on January 7, 2013

In order to complete a project the project manager needs something special – the project team! The project team is the collection of individuals that will actually be doing the work as defined in the project plan. They’re the experts, the resources, and the roles that the project manager has to oversee and work with […]

People and Project Management

by Joseph_Phillips on December 27, 2012

The hardest part of most projects isn’t the work, it’s the people. It is the role of the project manager to develop, manage, and lead the project team. Human resources management is one of the most difficult areas of project management because often the project manager does not have the same authority as a line […]

PMP Critical Thinking: Quality or Grade?

by Joseph_Phillips on December 20, 2012

You are the project manager of a project to design a new chainsaw for your company. This product design is based on the requirements of customers, engineers, and previous models of chainsaws your company has created. As your project team works on the design of the chainsaw a disagreement has begun as to the type […]

PMP Critical Thinking: Quality in Project Management

by Joseph_Phillips on December 13, 2012

To be an effective project manager you should be able to define quality for projects. Answer these questions: 1. What is the difference between quality and grade? 2. What is the cost of quality? 3. What is an example of poor quality? Here’s what I believe: 1. What is the difference between quality and grade? […]

PMBOK Guide, Chapter 8: Quality Overview

by Joseph_Phillips on December 6, 2012

There are just three processes to learn in this reading: Quality planning, performing quality assurance, and quality control. In this reading you will note that many of the tools and techniques are similar between the processes. Quality planning, the first quality management process, focuses on defining quality for the project and how quality may be […]

PMP Alert: Defining Quality for Projects

by Joseph_Phillips on November 29, 2012

Quality is an esoteric topic that is often difficult to define. In project management, however, quality is the satisfaction of the project scope – nothing more and nothing less. This satisfaction of the project scope, however, is contingent not only on the conformance to project requirements, but also delivering a product or service that is […]

Thankful for Quality

by Joseph_Phillips on November 22, 2012

Quality is achieved by satisfying the objectives of the project scope, conforming to the project requirements, and a delivering a project deliverable that contains a fitness for use. This unit explores the project management quality processes and defines how quality may be planned, assured, controlled, and achieved in the project work. Quality, once it is […]

Critical Thinking: Cost Control With Scope Changes

by Joseph_Phillips on November 15, 2012

Consider this scenario: Mary is the project manager of a home construction project. In the project she is using oak floors from a particular vendor. The vendor reports that he will be late delivery the oak floors. If Mary considers purchasing the materials from another vendor the price will increase significantly, but the vendor can […]